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Our Staff and Services are Committed to helping Restore and Rejuvenate the 
Mind, Body and Spirit of all of our Clientele.

Home of the Foot Detox Treatment!

Foot Detox Treatment
Summer Special:  4 Foot Detox Treatments for $100
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New Health Treatment:
Full Body Health Analyzer:
 Produces Your Entire Health Status in one hour!

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Reflexation Treatment
(Relaxing Reflexology)

Reflexation is a therapeutic foot and leg treatment which targets various reflex zones within your feet which correspond to each part of your body. By pressure-pointing each reflex zone, various toxins can easily be released and then can be freed of built-up waste within the entire human body. Reflexation is a very relaxing way to target all of the foot reflex zones without the physical pain. This treatment is extremely effective and therapeutic while at the same time being very relaxing and enjoyable! _______________________________________________

Release the toxins! Relax! Re-Energize! Re-Vitalize! _______________________________________________
$45 per treatment for one Hour Treatment
3 treatments for $100

Suggestion: Try the Ion-Cleanse Foot Detox treatment before or after the Reflexation Treatment as a second body detoxification treatment. The Reflexation releases the body toxins while the foot detox flushes them out of your body!



Raindrop therapy

The Raindrop Technique incorporates calming and soothing essential
oils with gentle massage practices. It is of great benefit for body and
energy alignment, stress relief and helps to harmoniously balance
every system in the body.

By integrating gentle massage sequences
to the feet, back and neck with 8 specific essential oils, the body
balance is improved with increased energy flow by releasing
blockages and built up toxins. The treatment uses the Vita Flex
Reflex pressure points to achieve increased relief from many aches
and pains, inflammation and tension, and brings much benefit to the
body's structural and electrical alignment.

Essential oils have several
benefits when incorporated with gentle massage techniques and the
ones used during this treatment are: valour, thyme, oregano,
cypress, wintergreen, basil, marjoram and peppermint

The treatment is an hour in duration and the results can last up to several
weeks following the treatment. For relaxation, great stress relief and
to feel wonderful both mentally and physically, come and have a mini
vacation with the marvelous sensations of Raindrop Therapy!

Special - $60


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Mobile Treatments Available

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